Village News


Housing Survey Results

The analysis of the Housing Needs Survey, carried out in November and returned by 28.7% of the households in Pill & Easton-in-Gordano and Abbots Leigh, has been completed.

The survey aimed to gain an indication of the need for affordable housing from people with a local connection to the villages; to investigate the housing need and aspirations of older residents; and to establish the general level of support for a small development of affordable housing for local people.

The survey provided a snap shot of the housing situation in the parishes, which will change over time as a result of the economic climate, demographic changes and changes in individuals’ circumstances. It has identified:

  • The need for 29 affordable rented homes over the next five years (2 of which are needed for elderly person households);
  • An additional 10 households which need intermediate property (shared ownership);
  • A potential need from 13 further households which did not provide adequate information.

71% of the households which responded to the survey (whether they had a housing need or not) would support a small development of affordable homes for local people.