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Portishead Railway Line Update

The re-opening of the Temple Meads to Portishead railway line moves slowly forward.  The line needs a Development Consent Order (DCO) from the Secretary of State and North Somerset Council are consulting land and property owners and local interests about the planned improvements relating to stations, bridges, culverts, and other construction and engineering  work.

There are few immediate implications for our parish - the line emerges from the Ham Green tunnel, passes along the Avon Gorge past Paradise Bottom and runs towards Bower Ashton.  But the plans for Portishead and Pill Stations are of interest.  More information is available here.  All comments, inlcuding expressions of support are useful.

The consultation will last until 4th December and there will be an exhibition at the Pill Community Centre (Church
Place, Pill) on Fri. 24 Nov. 12.30 to 19.30.  After its November meeting the Parish Council will submit its views to MetroWest, but is likely to say "Just get on with it."