Village News


Changes to Recycling and Waste Collection Days

North Somerset Council will be changing the collection days for recycling and waste for the majority of households from Monday 4 June.
Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Collection days will be changing for most households.
  • Collection patterns may also change, so that residual waste and garden waste may both be collected on the same day, every other week.
  • Crews will be in each area five days a week and will be loyal to that area enabling them to learn and manage their rounds well.
  • The new arrangements should be more efficient and lead to fewer missed collections.
  • The mileage driven by the waste vehicles will reduce, as will the carbon footprint of collections.
  • There will be no changes to the types of materials being collected and no changes to the frequency of collection.

These changes mean that the same crews will be based in the same geographic area five days a week. They will not spend each day in a different town or area. This will enable them to get to know their patch really well – both the properties and the residents. There will also be a supervisor dedicated to each area who will be able to build relationships with local residents and to manage their rounds better.