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Neighbourhood Plan Progress

Murray Stewart writes:

A simple question sheet, asking about likes, dislikes and ideas as to what might be done, has been going the rounds in recent weeks. Over two hundred responses have been made offering residents' initial thoughts on the area to be covered by our plan. The key issue –from all parts of the area – has been traffic – speed, noise, safety and so on. There will be a major survey towards the end of 2018/early 2019 which will establish community views on a range of issues.

The Neighbourhood Plan must conform to wider policy systems – the revised National Planning Framework, the emerging Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) and the new North Somerset Local Plan. These are all at an evolving stage but so far draft policies do not radically affect the Green Belt, do not suggest significant new housing, and recognise the transport problems, bio-diversity and the heritage nature of the area as a reason for not proposing major development.  At the same time, at a probable autumn enquiry into the JSP, NSC provision of housing may turn out to be insufficient and there may be pressure to look at housing need and provision in the area. There remains demand from developers for land for housing – notably a recent Gallaghers approach to build 1,000 houses at Martcombe.

Our Neighbourhood Plan has now received a grant from My Locality towards the cost of sustainability/low carbon/climate change advice from the Centre for Sustainable Energy and also a further grant for work by WildService (the Wildlife Trust consultancy arm). The two Parish Councils have offered further financial support for a transport study.