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The George Inn - the Future

It is almost a year since over 240 villagers supported the bid to safeguard The George and make it an Asset of Community Value. Now, thanks to a small group of local investors, the pub is open again.

There have been big improvements both inside and outside: around forty volunteers helped get pub and garden fit for purpose.  The aim is for The George to once more be a traditional village pub but it needs to sustain itself financially and there may be further developments over time – maybe a café, a space for business as well as community meetings or the like.

We know that many people in the village will have ideas about how the village can support the new investors in creating a sustainable future. The Parish Council and the Civic Society have asled us to represent the village in talking to Olly Slym, the new Manager. We shall continue to liaise with Olly to help local individuals and groups support the pub.  It’s now up to the 240 people who gave their support a year ago to put their money where their mouths are.

Get in touch with any of us if you have ideas or questions:  Jo Chiverton, Jane Gibbons, Stephen Robertson, Murray Stewart