Village News


48 volunteers enjoyed the sunshine outside The George on Tuesday 9th October to count the traffic on the busy A369 from 7.00 in the morning to 19.00 in the evening. Almost 17,000 vehicles (and over 400 bikes/motor bikes) passed by in almost equal numbers each way.

Peak times were not surprisingly early morning into Bristol and early evening outwards. 81% of the vehicles were cars but the surprise was the number of vans of all sizes – 2,650 vans passed during the twelve hours.  These numbers were broadly comparable with those given to us by North Somerset Council although a little above those in March.

The most striking feature seemed to be that the volume of traffic was fairly high throughout the day. Even in the middle of the day passing cars came to over 400 an hour each way.

Our colleagues from Pill counted the numbers on the Pill Loop at St. Katherine’s School and St. George’s Hill.