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A369 Speed Warning Sign

Simon Talbot-Ponsonby writes:

Pill and Easton in Gordano Parish have kindly lent Abbots Leigh their speed warning sign affectionately known as Smiling Sid.

One of the biggest issues that has been raised with the Parish Council and NSC over the last 15 or more is the speed of the traffic going past Dennyview Road, making it dangerous for people exiting, so we chose that location for our first trial. The sign needs to be fixed on an existing pole of the right size with a with a long enough sight line for it to work effectively. In the short time after we put it up it was noticeable how many vehicles slowed down, including a bus and a police car. The sign collects the data, which can be passed on to NSC.

In the first 8 days it was in operation it recorded the speeds of 23,622 vehicles of which 81% were exceeding the speed limit and 24% were exceeding 40MPH with a maximum speed of 71MPH. Quite telling considering it includes cyclists and those people turning into Dennyview Road. It does not pick up vehicles which are close to each other. So we have a Scowling Sid
Pill and Easton in Gordano are considering setting up a Community Speed Watch team, which would be run by volunteers.