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Leigh Court Farm: Good News!

Chris Loughlin writes:

I had a meeting with representatives of the National Trust on Monday 29 April.  At that meeting the Trust agreed to give Leigh Court Farm and Geoff Nash new five year tenancies on our current tracts of land at the Failand Estate. They have also apologised unequivocally for the way that they handled the matter, and have made a commitment to work more cooperatively with their tenants in future.

I am pleased with this outcome, and hope you will be as well.  It's difficult for a large organisation to change course like this, but in the end they did the right thing. I believe that they will be contacting all of you who wrote to them in due course.

I am sure that the correspondence you all sent to the Trust was the key factor involved in bringing this to a successful conclusion.  Carol, myself, and everyone here at the farm have been deeply moved by the response you all gave to our plight.  We can't thank you enough.  A big thanks as well to everyone who helped us with advice and contacts, which were a great help in shaping my responses to the Trust.

We are going to have an open day up at the Failand field in late summer and hope you will all come.  There will be tea and cakes, and someone from the Trust will be on hand to lead a walk round the estate.

Watch this space for a date!