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Neighbourhood Plan Progress

The Neighbourhood Plan team had a constructive and helpful meeting with North Somerset Council on 15th February 2019. Much of the background work on the Plan – housing, transport, environment, heritage, energy - is now close to completion but there remains uncertainty about the housing numbers which should apply.

The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) for the West of England is being looked at by an inspector and there will be an examination in public perhaps in the autumn.  If the provisional figures in the JSP are confirmed there will be no pressure for development in this area and the Green Belt will be retained.  If the inspector recommends, however, that further land for housing be provided somewhere in North Somerset then there may be some development pressures on the Green Belt and possibly in our area.

It seems that the figures we have been talking about, perhaps up to 100 dwellings in Easton, Pill, Ham Green and Abbots Leigh taken together, are at the higher end of what might be needed. For Abbots Leigh a formal settlement boundary will be established and this may be able to take account of the relatively small number of dwellings which might be needed within or around the village. Visit the Neighbourhood Plan website for news.