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Peter Wyatt 1928-2019

Peter Wyatt lived all his 91 years in the cottage on Manor Lane – born, went to the village school, was married from there. At the same time that we mourned the passing of Peter at his funeral at Holy Trinity in mid-February we were able both to celebrate his life in Abbots Leigh and to remember the presence of the Wyatt family in the village for almost one hundred and fifty years.

In the 1870s Frederick Wyatt then aged 31 moved with his wife Emma to Abbots Leigh. For a while they lived at Priory Cottage on Manor Lane but Frederick died in 1887. Emma cared for the family until her death in 1911.  Her sons Herbert and Jim played for the village cricket team and after the sale of the Leigh Court Estate in 1915 Herbert bought two cottages on Manor Lane in one of which Peter was born in 1927.

Our condolences go to Molly, to Dave and Paul, and to the whole family. We hope that the Wyatt name will be remembered in Abbots Leigh for many years to come.