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Enforcement at Abbots Pool

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is now in place covering Abbots Pool which prohibits swimming, bathing wading or jumping into the water. This will be in addition to district-wide orders requiring people to stop consuming alcohol or drugs when asked to do so, surrender alcohol or drugs when asked to do so, stop playing music or instruments when asked to do so, together with a number of dog control and public health measures.

Enforcement is being shared between the police and the council. The fine for breaching a PSPO is £75 reducing to £50 if paid within 10 days and will be issued by council enforcement officers, police and police community support officers (PCSOs). Signage advises people that these orders are in place.

So far the cool weather has helped to reduce antisocial behaviour and it is hoped that these measures will ensure that the area is treated with respect as a local nature reserve for the enjoyment of all visitors. If you see people failing to comply with these orders please call the Police on 101 as a record of the number of breaches helps the enforcing authorities determine the resources need to manage the enforcement.  It helps if you use What Three Words to explain the location of the incident.