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Neighbourhood Plan Update

Many Abbots Leigh residents will have received another leaflet with misleading information relating to the proposed affordable housing development for local people at Chapel Pill Lane in Ham Green.  The leaflet also included a suggestiion that the proposed Abbots Leigh Conservation Area has been deleted from the Neighbourhood Plan and that this will mean more development in Abbots Leigh.  See Page


Both these statements are false.  See Page 9 of The Link (June) for the current position.

  • The Conservation Area has not been deleted from the Plan;
  • The Independent Examiner supported the idea of a Conservation Area; and
  • A Conservation Area has no bearing at all on any future development in or around Abbots Leigh.

The Examiner expressed no view on affordable housing at Chapel Pill Lane. He said that it should not be included in the Neighbourhood Plan as it is subject to a current planning application.  Such a development could be an allowable rural exception site in green belt under the National Planning Policy Framework and would not set a precedent for Green Belt development elsewhere.