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Treescape Fund

North Somerset Council (NSC) has received funding for tree planting and has invited Parish Councils to make requests for planting.  The scheme must involve trees, not hedging. The trees on offer will be on public (mainly NSC) land but some planting on private land is possible subject to justifiable public benefit.  This requires the land being adjacent to public footpaths and walking routes, the landowner being in agreement, and the site being accessible to the Forestry Commission for inspection.

The Parish Council has identified some possibilities:

  • Off Manor Road, beside the track from Manor Road up towards Beggar Bush;
  • A second smaller site off Manor Road;
  • Off Fishponds Lane (the Cinder Track) to the left of the track;
  • On a small stretch of grass at the Church

All these sites lie on publicly accessible land or on private land close to public footpaths. They offer some compensation for loss of ash trees, and the landowners are positive.

For these possibilities as a whole we are to receive two large trees and 40 whips, plus some posts and guards for the whips. The allocations to specific sites remain to be decided – depending on spacing between trees, for example. Trees will be delivered to Abbots Leigh by NSC but volunteers will be needed for planting and maintenance and for the provision of long-term protection (although limited protection will come with the trees).

The Parish Council has also welcomed a Pill and Easton PC proposal for trees at St. Katherine’s School which lies in our parish.

As a Climate Emergency Parish it is essential that Abbots Leigh makes an attempt to contribute to countering climate change. Tree-planting makes a positive, though modest, contribution to our parish climate change objectives. If you would like to be a tree planting/maintenance helper, or if you welcome the project and would like to make a small financial donation (e.g. £10) to the costs of proper tree protection (against damage by sheep or deer) please email Cat Abel or get in touch with a member of the Parish Council.