Village News


Along the Monarch’s Way

The Abbots Leigh Treescape planting project is complete, making use of sites adjacent to the Monarch’s Way, a 625 mile long-distance walking route footpath that roughly follows the escape route taken by King Charles II in 1651 after being defeated in the Battle of Worcester.

In Abbots Leigh the Monarch’s Way descends from Home Farm Road (five whips) down to the village church (five whips outside the church wall on the Village Green and one in the lower graveyard). Monarch’s Way then passes along Church Road and across the A369 to Manor Road. Five whips have been planted at the Manor Nursing Home enhancing the amenity of the front and rear gardens to the benefit of residents and their visitors.

Two further sites lie along Monarch’s Way, first three Hornbeams in a small copse on the left and, further along Manor Road, a major twenty-five tree whips planted on a public right of way off Manor Road opposite the entrance track to Abbots Pool rising up to Beggar Bush Lane. In total 44 whips have been planted – oak, birch, field maple, rowan, spindle, crab apple, dogwood, hazel, together with the three hornbeams.