Recycling & Waste Collections

Waste is collected by North Somerset Council.

Black Wheelie bins (Rubbish) alternate every Wednesday with Green Wheelie bins (Green Waste).


Recycling & Green Waste

Recycling & Rubbish
Recycling & Green Waste Recycling & Rubbish Recycling & Green Waste Recycling & Rubbish
February 7th  14th 21st* 28th    
March  7th 14th 21st 28th    
April 4th 11th 18th 25th    

*No Green Waste

Please help to reduce the amount of recycling materials blowing around the village.
In windy weather cover your box and weigh it down to stop the plastic bottles, paper and cartons blowing away before they are collected.  Alternatively nets to contain the contents of recycling boxes can be purchased from the Resource Centre in Pill for £2 each.

To reduce contamination and improve recycling efficiency, wash and squash!
Wash:     Scrape out any food remains/pour away excess liquid., rinse the container (use your washing-up water)
Squash:  Crush metal cans, squeeze plastic bottles flat to expel the air and reduce the volume, which makes collections more efficient.

Clothes recycling - help local charities raise cash: there are two clothing banks in Pill where bagged clothes and shoes can be left:

  • Fire Brigade Benevolent Society, by the Fire Station
  • Western Air Ambulance behind the resource centre