Recycling & Waste Collections

Waste is collected by North Somerset Council.

Black Wheelie bins (Rubbish) alternate every Wednesday with Green Wheelie bins (Green Waste).


Recycling & Green Waste

Recycling & Rubbish
Recycling & Green Waste Recycling & Rubbish Recycling & Green Waste Recycling & Rubbish
December   6th 13th 20th 29th*  
January   5th 11th 17th  24th*  31st
February 7th 14th 21st* 28th    

*No Green Waste

Please do not leave material for the bonfire in the School Field or in front of the locked gate.  We always have enough material and too big a bonfire can become a safety issue.  Please put your green waste in your green bins or take it to the recycling centre in Portishead.

Put out your real Christmas Tree with your green waste collection on Thursday 11th January.

Grass Cuttings

Please do not tip your grass cuttings over the wall or fence into the adjacent field.  Even though the cows may like eating grass cuttings it is not good for them because it causes a build up of gas in their stomachs.  Secondly the cows will tend to push and crowd round the grass cuttings and may end up pushing the wall or fence over and get into your garden, which will be your fault!  However if you actually own the land the other side of the fence then of course you can do what you like.

Clothes recycling - help local charities raise cash: there are two clothing banks in Pill where bagged clothes and shoes can be left:

  • Fire Brigade Benevolent Society, by the Fire Station
  • Western Air Ambulance behind the resource centre