Churchyard Maps

The Graveyards

In the Upper and Lower Graveyards at Abbots Leigh Church there are probably over five hundred graves. A number of these are hidden beneath the ground but can sometimes be identified – seen as a mound below the grass or listed in one of the older documents recording those buried in the churchyard. Even where gravestones are visible the lettering has become illegible due to the inevitable wear and tear of rain and weather. There are many people buried in the churchyards about whom we know little and whose burial spot is unknown. 

In 1901 Sir Henry Miles made a list of all the graves he could identify. His list was updated up to 1926 but in 2011 the Village Heritage Group updated the records of who was buried where and when and prepared the attached maps showing the location of all known graves.

Download a PDF of:

Lower churchyard graveyard map

Old graveyard map