Planning Applications

What happens when you send in a Planning Application to the local authority?

Abbots Leigh Parish Council is informed by North Somerset Council Planning Department that a planning application has been received by them, and brief outline details plus unique reference number is e-mailed to the clerk. A hard copy of the application and all associated documents and plans will be sent to the Parish Council for consideration and comment. This process includes circulation amongst the Planning Group for comment, the discussion of the application with any affected neighbours and discussion at the next Parish Council meeting.  

The Parish Council considers each application on its own individual merit, using as its guide, existing national and local planning law which could include taking into consideration any impact on Green Belt, Historic and Listed buildings restrictions, if applicable, house structures and design in the immediate neighbourhood etc.

The Parish Council will endeavour to expedite applications received to ensure North Somerset Council planning timetables are met.

Download current planning applications in Abbots Leigh.  You can see full details of planning applications on the North Somerset Council website. You will need to search on the Address or Application Reference.