Abbots Pool

The large pool, which is the central feature of the woodland, was part of a series of pools used by medieval monks developed for the medieval practice of farming for fish.

Surrounding the pool is idyllic mature woodland containing some massive oak and beech trees. An abundance of wildlife can be found here and most of the area has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve. It was landscaped, using Pulhamite, an artificial type of rock of historic importance in the 1920s by the Wills family who owned the area until just after the Second World War.

People living nearby and from a wide catchment area have long known Abbots Pool as a beauty spot. North Somerset Council (NSC) owns the majority of the woodland surrounding the Pool; the rest is leased to the Forestry Commission. NSC is responsible for the maintenance of their area which they carry out with the help of the Abbots Pool Volunteers – a group which has been carrying out various jobs for over fifteen years such as removal of laurel bushes, clearing of paths and the cascade, ensuring steps are safe and making sure the area is kept clear of litter.

There is a small car park off Manor Road. The Abbots Pool woodland has a public bridleway running through it which links Manor Road and Sandy Lane. The top of the woodland can be accessed on foot only by a public footpath off Manor Road by Manor Lane. Cycling is only allowed on the bridleway running through the Pool area.

In recent years a Management Committee has been overseeing the responsibilities of NSC and the volunteers. The work of NSC and the volunteers has been recognised by the Green Flag judges and Abbots Pool received its fourteenth successive Green Flag in 2020.  Working parties are typically held on the second Sunday of each Month between 10am and 12 Noon.  See the Events section for more information.

NSC and the Abbots Pool Management committee have drawn up a code of conduct which is now enforceab le through a Public Space Protection Order for the reserve.  Breach of the code may lead to a fine.

Abbots Pool Woodland Local Nature Reserve: Code of Conduct

In order to protect the sensitive local wildlife and to preserve this special site please be note:

  • No Swimming
  • No Overnight Camping
  • No Fires Or Barbecues
  • No Dogs In The Main Pool
  • Cycling On Bridleway Only
  • Licensed Fishing Only
  • Use The Litter Bins Provided