The Centennial Record

In 2000 the Village celebrated the Millennium with the production of a three volume Millennium Record, setting out some details of properties around the village. Much has changed in the fifteen years since 2000, with new houses built and new families resident in the village. The Civic Society celebrated the centenary of the sale of the estate by organising an update, not simply to mark 100 years of the village after the ownership by the Miles family, but also to provide a long term historical record.

The first pieces of this work are now available in draft form.  They consist of four ‘street stories’ each about 4/5 pages long.  There are bound to be some mistakes - do please email Murray Stewart if you spot an error or omission.

Record 1 is about Abbots Leigh Road, Home Farm, Ashgrove, Manor Road, Manor Lane and Fishponds Lane.

Record 2 is about Poundbatch, Dennyview, Tanpits, Sandy Lane, Glen Avenue, Knightcott and Harris Lane.

Record 3 is about Church Road.

Record 4 is about Pill Road, Leigh Court Drive, Blackmoor Road, Ham Green and Chapel Pill.